Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Nail Polishes - Spring Collection

Spring brought us the happy colors back. Of course, I had to refresh my nail polish collection then, too! It wasn't actually my plan to buy new ones especially for spring but in the end after  having bought one here, some there and getting 2 lovely polishes from my blogger friend Coquette I had 8 new ones, 5 of  them springy colors. All matching wonderfully, so I had to share this with you, guys ;)
Here they are:

My new Lancôme lovelies I got from Coguette, thanks again ;)

orange: 554, Artdeco
pink: Dolce Vita, 617, IsaDora
yellow: Mellow Yellow, 653, IsaDora

  • pink: 300 M, Rose Plumetis
  • nude/brown: 240 N, Beige Dentelle

Did you stock up your closet or collections of accessories, shoes, clothes or whatever?
xoxo Nini


  1. i love your new polishes! :) i am so into neutrals and nudes these days. might as well get a few for myself. thanks for sharing!

    The Pink Margarita

  2. Adoooore the orange one!!! C.

  3. hahaha cool nails!! great idea :D

  4. beautiful pinks :-)

  5. Schöne Lacke ;.-). Vor allem das zarte Rosa steht dir toll!!

    Liebste Grüsse!


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