My IN's and OUT's vol. 11

                IN                                                                                                           OUT

             spring                                                                                                        winter
      colored denim                                                                                             color blocking
             blazer                                                                                                    artificial nails

Just some days ago we had our first warm and beautiful day since winter started last year. It was so wonderful to feel the tickling sun on your face again! I simply love the warm seasons spring and summer so much that I'm unbelievably happy as soon as spring arrived and we can enjoy the first warm days in the year. I already posted some pictures I took on that first day for this year, it was so great that I just couldn't hold on and had to go out and take pictures ;)
As spring arrives the light and also bright colors don't only reappear in our nature through the flowers and trees etc. we also find them in fashion. All the black and brown disappears and the colors come back. Colored denim have top priority this year. From pastels like mint and pink to loud colors like red and orange every shade appears on denim. I really like the returning of all the happy colors and think the colored denim is a very great way to dress happily and differently. Last year when the color blocking was a huge trend everywhere we would have combined another loud color to a green denim and maybe some lovely accessories to make the color whirl complete. Personally, I think the color blocking is good to experiment a little, but if you combine too many colors together it's just too much! A loud color plus a pastel color or a pastel color with black or white instead is simply perfect.
Furthermore, I love blazers! Not only now in spring, actually anytime. Their always classy and fashionable. You can wear them with a pair of jeans or a normal skirt if you don't wanna look too formal or overdressed (at school for example) or wear the all-in-one look with a pair of formal trousers or a matching skirt. And you'll always be dressed perfectly! Against what artificial nails will always look cheap. To manicure I definitely say yes, it's a must- homemade or professional doesn't care, the main issue is that you do it. It's one of the few signs you can see if someone really cares for him-/herself. Because people get the main impressions from factors like clothing, shoes and accessories. But if you look closer at the nails, eyebrows or the hair, then you'll be able to tell if the care for their selves or not. 

It's the little things that are important!

And that does count for almost anything in life!
Okay now, this post is already gettin' way too long so I'm gonna stop writing here although I think this last point is a really important topic. I guess, I will write an own column about it later,
 if you'd like to read it.

Have a good start into the next week,


  1. I'm absolutely the same opinion! I love colorful denim at the moment and can't wait to buy some ---> hopefully with you! ;) Please do a column about this topic, it would be wonderful! x) hugs, Vivi

  2. can't wait for spring and all of the bright colors. definitely buying more colored denim today.


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