What I learned from movies

Hi my lovely readers!

If you watch movies you sometime recognize weird things the actors do in the movies. Sometimes it's so funny, so I want to share my list I made in my mind with you:

  • Driving: You don't need a driver's licence, you just have to turn around the steering wheel as if you're crazy. As well when you're driving on a straight street.
  • If you start dancing in the street or in a supermarket, everyone around you will magically know the steps and start dancing, too. It's the same with singing.
  • When you turn off the light before going to bed, you'll still be able to see everything.
  • If you wake up in the morning your make-up has already applied itself.
  • A man will show no pain while being beaten in a fight, but starts to whine if a woman cleans his wounds afterwards.
  • Make-up and lipstick never rubs off, even if a womans kisses a man in the rain.
Do you know more? If so, please tell me, it'll be nice to read what you guys found out ;D
kisses Nini


  1. ha ha ha, hilarious post..
    also in a fight, bad guys attack one at a time and they are really bad shooters.

  2. hihi. nice post!! I know another one:

    - never pick up the phone when you are home alone! it could be your murderer;)



  3. Hah! That is funny, and true! I can't think of any! Great blog, I love the title. You are a great writer! Good post! Check out my blog, and please follow it! http://styleitgirl.blogspot.com/ thanks!

  4. i wish my makeup would be applied when i woke up in the morning! funny post!!


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