Dior fired John Galliano

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Have you already heard about it? So, if not, now you'll get to know!

After a video with John Galliano cursing at women in a reastaurant in Paris in an anti-semitic way  had been published by the british newspaper 'The Sun' he was fired immediately.
There are so many rumors at the moment about others who said Galliano cursed at them too, that Dior wanted to get rid of Galliano anyway, if Galliano meant what he said or if  he said it just because he was roaring drunk.... Nobody knows... But, just watch the video which you can find on thesun.co.uk yourself and make your one conclusions!

For me I can say that I think the decision of Dior was right. Such a great company cannot afford a designer who tells the world (in the video) 'I love Hitler'! This isn't acceptable!!! It's disgusting and abhorrent.
I can't believe that there are still people out there who dare to say and even think things like that! Can anybody be like that?

Now there are so many questions: Who will be his follower and how will the prêt-à-porter show of Dior on Friday be?

The whole story - however it really was, there has to be a truth in it - makes me speechless.... Nini


  1. Dior not gonna be the same without Galliano :D

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    Kisses from pepa:X

  2. Hello you, thanx for commenting :)
    Well they are from different clothing stores, like H&M, Bikbok, Monkey here in sweden, and just from different places ;)
    Hope we could follow eachother ?



  3. He was obviously drunk, but that's no excuse IMO. In Germany we say "Drunk people & children tell the truth." So I guess he ment what he said. To fire him was the right decision, nobody should think let alone speak out loud what he said. He should consider sharing an apt. with Mel Gibson...

  4. I read about this story and I was shocked. He will leave a void in Dior though
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  5. I agree with Pepa! I think none is better than Galliano for Christian Dior!


  6. i hope haider ackermann replaces him


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