Summer outfits from last year 2010


Hi cuties!
At the moment I'm so curious about summer. You know, summer's my absolute favorite season. For me it cannot be warm enough, the humidity not high enough and so on.. ;) I just love it and this won't change, so I'm very busy studying the s/s 2011 fashion shows these days, thinking about what to buy (shoes, accessoires, dresses, bikinis), what to sew (I'm planning to sew a white lace dress and I alread got the cut!).... What's your favorite season? So I thought to post all the best summer outfits from last year for a good accommodation! Enjoy!
hugs Nini


  1. great outfits! i love the second picture :) X

  2. wonderful! summer's a great time, right?
    love it!

  3. Oh my gosh, if you like hotness and humidity you should visit my city during summer time xD It's awful

  4. These are fabulous outfits! I love the dress shirt with the shorts - very classic, preppy & gorgeous!
    Hope you can check my blog out [I'm new!] and we can follow one another. :)


  5. Very cute outfits! I can't wait until summer! Like you, I absolutely love the heat!

    Thank you very much for coming by my blog! I really like yours, and am now a follower!

    Andrée xx

  6. Great photos! So love summer, so want it to come back RIGHT NOW!!! X

  7. @ roquerunway
    thank you for following and your compliments that's very nice! But, I'm afraid I cannot visit your blog. Your profile isn't available and I don't have your URL. Maybe you give me a link or you unblock your profile ;)
    greetings Nini


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