Cloth becomes a jumpsuit 3

Hello my dears!

I know it was a long time since I last postet about my jumpsuit. Last wednesday the cours went on (after the x-mas vacation) and I could go on... But so to say, the whole three hours were a disaster. At the beginning I had three parts: the left and the right leg and the top. At first I sewed the two legs together( this stitching should be the onlyone to stay in the end...) , so I had a bottom and a top. Until then everything was ok.
After two hours I made one piece out of three. The top and the bottom were together, which I did by sewing a tunnel where later a rubber band would be ( for the 'gather' at the belly ). Then it was time to try it on....
But the thing was the top was much too long and the crutch was just a bit over my knees ( although it was my size) !!! I mean who in the world has so short legs??? I cannot imagine anyone who has.
So in the end I had to undo the whole three stitchings at the belly and I can tell you that's hard work...!

So, my thing to do now is to chop off more than 10 cm and do all the sewing again. I will do it right after I'm done with this post or at least this weekend so I can finish the jumpsuit in the next lesson! I hope I will.
It won't be too long for you to wait until it's finished...
See you, xx Nini

The bottom from the inside.

Doing one of the fatal stitchings...


  1. How lovely. I'm really not good in stiching :D but i love to see others who are better :D

    Hope you'll pass to mine too.

  2. This caption you have here on the coments page is funny. anyway, I've been waitng and im still waiting to see the final product. Keep stitching missy..

  3. Hallo Liebes,

    danke für dein kommentar :)

    Kaum zu glauben aber die bilder sind nicht mal 2 Wochen alt...haha da lag noch so viel schnee und heute haben wir schon 10°....was is los mit dem klima :))

    Wärmer is besser!!!!

    Wow ich finde es toll, dass du nähen kannst...das is eine tolle sache....bin neidisch hehe

    Wünsch Dir ein super tolles WE


  4. so nice! i love diy things too! :-)

    maybe we can follow each other, stop by sometime. :-)


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