Blake Lively pour Chanel

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Blake Lively is the face for the new mademoiselle purses by Chanel!
After Anna Wintour introduced Blake to Karl Lagerfeld at a Dinner during the Haute-Couture-Week in Paris Karl decided to let Blake become his new testimonial. And I think she hadn't had anything against it! ;D
The pictures of her were taken in front of the famous metalized stairway inside the headquarters of Chanel (Rue Cambon). I'm so looking forward to seeing the pictures, cuz I'm a huge Gossipgirl fan, so let's see.
In April my wish will be fulfilled, since that's when the campain starts.


  1. This is fun! I didn't realize that they chose Blake. She is very striking!


  2. Yeah I think she's very fashionable too!


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