The King

Elvis Presley - also very well known as the ''King of Rock 'n' Roll'' or just ''The King''.
His full name was Elvis Aaron Presley and he was born at 8. January 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi.
His identical twin brother Jesse Garon Presley, who was born 35 minutes before Elvis, was a stillborn.
The Parents, Vernon and Gladys Presley had built a two-room shotgun house in readiness for the birth.
Vernon moved from one odd job to the next, so the family often relied on help from neighbors and government food assistance. In 1938 they lost their home, because Vernon was found guilty of altering a check of the landowner. He was jailed for 8 months, and Elvis and his mother moved in with relatives.

In september 1941 Elvis entered first grade at East Tupelo Consolidated. He was encouraged to join a singing contest after impressing his schoolteacher. In this contest, which was in 1945, he was the 5th.
Over the following year he received basic guitar lessons, on his new guitar he got for his birthday.
In 1950, after he only got a C in music in eighth grade, what he did't quite like, he begann practicing guitar regularly.
In his teenage time he had some little singing jobs around Memphis, where his family had moved. He also liked to be at the Beale Street, the heart of Memphis's thriving blues scene.

On January 10, 1956, Elvis made his first recordings for RCA in Nashville.
And then everything really began:
Heartbreak Hotel
I forgot to remember to forget
Blue suede shoes
On March 23 RCA Victor released Elvis's self-titled debut album.
Elvis second album was released and quickly rose to number one.
From this point on nothing could've stopped him.
Everyone knows the rest of the story, I think!

 And he became what he is -  the King of Rock 'n' Roll!

Since I was a kid, I'd loved Elvis and his music. I don't know why, but I think that's not the point...
His music is multifaceted and every time when I'm sad or something and I hear my favorite songs, after it it's much better and I'm not as sad as before.
So because of his day of death today, I thought to write something about him. Most of the people don't know how he raised, that his family was poor and that he actually had a twin!!! So I thought that is it, what I want to write about today.
Hope you're a bit more clever now.
kisses Nini


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